Tesla showcases several customer experiences with FSD Supervised v12.

Tesla has recently showcased several Full Self-Driving (FSD) experiences with the v12 software on X this week. The main Tesla X account shared an article on Tuesday featuring multiple FSD videos from customers across the platform, demonstrating how the vehicles handled various edge cases.

The article was essentially a series of seven videos detailing different edge-case traffic situations, highlighting positive encounters customers have had with the neural net-based system. This demonstration was quite impressive.

One customer shared an experience of encountering road works that caused their lane to be closed while going up a hill. They also mentioned a busy area of town for tourists as a good test for FSD at low speeds, negotiating around pedestrians and traffic.

Another customer described a robot car calmly making a left turn at a light and driving over a double yellow line to avoid a garbage truck, expressing that no other car is capable of anything close to this. In recent months, Tesla has been increasingly using social media platforms, particularly X, for advertising.

On the other hand, shareholders have been urging the company to enhance its advertising presence, especially to educate the public about misconceptions surrounding electric vehicles (EVs). What are your thoughts on this approach?

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