Tesla Set to Attend Energy Conference in Germany Next Month

Tesla has announced plans to attend an energy storage conference in Germany in the coming weeks as part of its efforts to expand its energy business. The electrical energy storage (ees) conference is scheduled to take place in Münich, Germany, with Tesla Energy being among 760 exhibitors. The event is scheduled to run from June 18 to 21, consisting of an initial conference for the first two days and individual exhibitions, like the Intersolar Forum, from the second through the last day of the event, as detailed on the ees website. In addition to attending the conference, Tesla is also involving Powerwall owners in certain regions in its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) pilot programs.

This initiative allows participants to resell stored energy back to the electrical grid during times of peak energy use. The company’s participation in the conference and its VPP pilot programs reflect its ongoing efforts to expand and enhance its presence in the energy sector.

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