Tesla Optimus to Get Hands with 22 Degrees of Freedom Later this Year

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, recently announced that Optimus, the company’s humanoid robot, will receive an upgrade to its hands, increasing the degrees of freedom (DoF) to 22. This upgrade is expected to be rolled out later in the year. Over the weekend, a video showcasing Optimus in action at Tesla’s facilities was released, demonstrating its capabilities in performing various tasks, including those that require precision. The new and improved hands of Optimus have garnered significant attention, with many expressing admiration for the advancements in its dexterity.

Musk emphasized the potential of a humanoid robot with 22 DoF hands, noting that it could enable the robot to perform tasks with human-like proficiency. He also mentioned the possibility of having Optimus in limited production in a factory setting before the end of the year, although he emphasized that these were speculative projections. Furthermore, there is anticipation surrounding the data collection capabilities of Optimus and the potential impact it could have in advancing the capabilities of the humanoid robot. Musk assured that the hands of Optimus will continue to evolve, suggesting that further enhancements may be on the horizon.

Overall, the enthusiasm generated by the update video from Tesla underscores the significant progress being made in the development of humanoid robots, particularly in their ability to perform tasks with precision and efficiency.

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