Tesla Offers Free White Interior for One Model 3 Configuration: Here’s the Reason

Last night, Tesla made adjustments to the pricing and options for the Model 3 Performance. The price of the vehicle was increased by $1,000, bringing it to $54,990.

This places it just $10 below the threshold for qualifying for the $7,500 EV tax credit. Simultaneously, the white interior option for the Model 3 Performance was made free of charge, but the price for this option was raised to $2,000 for other configurations of the car.

The initial price of the Model 3 Performance, set by Tesla at launch, was $52,990. Early customers who ordered the vehicle enjoyed a $2,000 savings compared to the current price.

The reason behind these adjustments is that if the vehicle was kept at the $54,990 price and a customer opted for the $2,000 interior option, it would effectively cost them $9,500 because it would disqualify the car from the $7,500 tax credit due to exceeding the $55,000 threshold.

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