Tesla Model 3 ‘Highland’ brings EV charging closer to gas stations than ever before.

Recent analysts from the independent automotive research firm AMCI reported that the Tesla Model 3 “Highland” is reducing the time it takes for electric vehicle drivers to charge their cars, bringing the experience closer to the time spent at a gas station. The testing, referred to as “MP6” because it mirrors the typical 6-minute duration of a gas station stop, assumes that consumers should not have to change their fueling habits or the time they allocate for refueling while on the road.

The test provides insight into the miles of range each electric vehicle can add within this crucial 6-minute window. The Model 3 Highland outperformed the Toyota bZ4X in this year’s testing, marking a shift from previous analyses where the bZ4X held the top position.

AMCI highlighted the Model 3’s ability to rapidly deliver maximum current on its native Supercharger network, reaching a maximum rate of 174 kW within the first minute, as a key factor behind its impressive performance. With a 60.5 MP6 score, the Tesla Model 3 led the rankings, while the bZ4X achieved a score of 35.0 MP6, securing the second spot in the analysis.

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