Tesla is gearing up to release its latest driver assistance feature, and it has nothing to do with Full Self-Driving.

Tesla is gearing up to release a new driver assistance feature that is separate from its Full Self-Driving (FSD) suite. As part of its ongoing efforts to enhance its vehicles through software updates, the upcoming 2024.14.3 update is set to introduce a range of new features. Among these is the anticipated addition of a “Tesla Voice Assistant” in Tesla vehicles, expected to manage tasks such as adjusting climate settings and selecting specific songs. This development was uncovered by Tesla hacker greentheonly and revealed in a recent post, providing insight into the numerous enhancements coming to Tesla’s vehicle lineup.

The update includes support for Amazon music playback as well as the introduction of the “Tesla Voice Assistant,” which will be activated by a predetermined wake word and utilize the “Jenny Neutral” voice from Microsoft for narration. According to the coding, the Tesla Voice Assistant will constantly listen for its wake word, mirroring the behavior of devices like Amazon Alexa. In addition to this new feature, the update will also bring support for Amazon Music playback and new Track Mode windows. Furthermore, there will be expanded capabilities for the “Restricted Drivers” feature, offering added safety measures compared to the current options.

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