Tesla introduces new “Lunar Silver” paint choice for Model S and Model X

It seems that Tesla is experiencing a resurgence in popularity, particularly with regards to its paint options. The flagship Model S sedan and Model X SUV now offer a new paint option called Lunar Silver, as seen on Tesla’s official website.

This new option comes at an additional cost of $2,500. In comparison, Quicksilver, made in Germany, offers a deeper shade than Tesla’s Lunar Silver, but it comes at a higher cost of €2,600 ($2,800).

The more affordable price of Lunar Silver in the United States has been well received by the electric vehicle community. This trend of silver options is evident across Tesla’s lineup, including the Model Y’s Quicksilver option, the Cybertruck’s bare silver steel finish, and now, the Model S and Model X’s Lunar Silver paint.

There is anticipation for the release of Lunar Silver for the reengineered Tesla Model 3 Performance, completing the range of silver options across Tesla’s models. The return of silver to Tesla’s lineup has generated positive feedback, and it seems to be a popular choice among enthusiasts.

Overall, the resurgence of silver options in Tesla’s lineup has been well-received by the electric vehicle community. There is a growing interest in these new paint options, and it will be interesting to see how this trend continues in the future.

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