Tesla Improves Autopilot and Cabin with Latest Update

Tesla has introduced updates to its Autopilot system, along with enhancements for cabin comfort during the upcoming warmer months. The latest 2024.20 Software Update prioritizes improving the HVAC performance, a feature welcomed by many Tesla owners.

With pre-conditioning, entering a Tesla during extreme temperature conditions is now more comfortable compared to other vehicles. Moreover, Tesla is implementing a new system to give drivers the opportunity to have strikes removed.

Autopilot users currently face suspension after accumulating five strikes, but Tesla will now remove one strike for each seven-day period without receiving one. This means that if a driver has four strikes and refrains from further violations for a week, the strike count will reduce to three.

In terms of cabin comfort, the AUTO climate mode has been upgraded to cool down the interior more efficiently and rapidly. By utilizing cabin pre-conditioning, Tesla aims to ensure a more comfortable temperature inside the vehicle before the driver enters, particularly during the warm summer months.

These changes are likely to be appreciated by Tesla owners.

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