Toyota indicates its latest plans for upcoming internal combustion engine vehicles.

Toyota has expressed its commitment to developing new vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE) and part-hydrogen-powered options in collaboration with Mazda and Subaru. The company plans to offer a wide range of vehicle powertrain options, including battery-assisted engine variants fueled by diesel, petrol, hydrogen, and e-fuel. The upcoming ICE engines from Toyota are expected to be 10 to 20 percent smaller and will utilize EV batteries to enhance output.

Initially, these engines will be used in hybrid vehicles before being implemented in plug-in hybrids. The company anticipates production of the new ICE vehicles to coincide with the European Union’s introduction of new emissions regulations around the end of 2026. Toyota did not disclose the amount it intends to invest in the engine line, emphasizing the importance of both EV batteries and internal combustion engines.

This comes amid a belief within the company that a full-fledged push for electric vehicles could result in a “wasted investment.” The company’s latest statements underscore its commitment to advancing ICE technology alongside alternative powertrain options.

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