Tesla Giga Berlin is attracting new companies to East Brandenburg.

Tesla Giga Berlin, located in East Brandenburg, is now drawing new businesses to the area. A recent groundbreaking ceremony marked the beginning of the construction of a large warehouse dedicated to storing lithium-ion batteries. The 100,000 square-meter warehouse will be situated in East Brandenburg’s “Log Plaza” industrial and logistics center, near the A12 highway close to Frankfurt (Oder).

Anticipated to be roughly the size of 14 football fields, the warehouse is being built by logistics company Alcaro, with an expected completion date at the end of 2025. Alcaro already holds a permit for the storage of batteries in the facility. Anton Mertens of OSMAB, stated, “We are building this very expensive warehouse because we would like to store lithium-ion batteries and similar items for the automotive industry.”

This move is driven by the recognition that the automotive industry is undergoing significant changes, necessitating the need to maintain larger stockpiles to enable production “just in time” or altogether, due to longer and more uncertain delivery routes. The significant presence of Tesla Giga Berlin in East Brandenburg has reportedly enticed numerous businesses and logistics companies, such as Alcaro, to the region. This trend is anticipated to continue as the area’s business environment evolves.

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