Construction of Tesla Giga Mexico is still ongoing.

The construction of Tesla Giga Mexico is progressing, according to Nuevo León’s Secretary of Economy. The new gigafactory has already begun preliminary construction and has attracted several suppliers to Nuevo León. Tesla and Nuevo León are currently in talks regarding incentives related to Giga Mexico. These incentives are focused on improving the factory’s infrastructure, including making it more accessible.

Part of the incentive package involves expanding the nearby Monterrey-Saltillo highway and building bridges around Tesla Giga Mexico. Additionally, the package will help Tesla establish the infrastructure for treated water from Giga Mexico. Despite initial plans for only a few high-level Tesla employees at Giga Mexico, the company has started posting job opportunities there. However, in the midst of Tesla’s mass layoffs, the company removed its job postings in Mexico.

Nevertheless, the layoffs have not impacted Tesla Mexico’s preliminary construction. Tesla Giga Mexico is expected to contribute to the economic growth of Nuevo León and attract other businesses to the area. The Secretary of Economy noted that it has already boosted the development of Nuevo León’s electromobility hub. Nuevo León is preparing to share its future plans, including those related to Tesla Giga Mexico, during the upcoming International Mobility of the Future Summit on June 26 and June 27.

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