Tesla Cybertruck surpasses competitor in EV pickup registration data.

The Tesla Cybertruck has quickly become a significant player in the electric pickup market, despite being available for only six months. S&P Global Mobility data shows that the Cybertruck had 1,158 registrations in the US in March, surpassing the Rivian R1T’s 548 registrations by a significant margin.

While the Rivian R1T is gaining ground, it lacks the widespread appeal and financial backing enjoyed by Tesla. In comparison, Ford’s F-150 Lightning remains the dominant force in the EV pickup market, achieving 2,893 registrations in March.

The F-150 Lightning’s established presence, diverse trim levels, and affordability have contributed to its ongoing success. Its dedicated fanbase further cements its position as leader in the EV pickup space.

The Cybertruck’s rapid rise in registrations demonstrates its growing popularity, underscoring its potential for further success in the electric pickup market.

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