Elon Musk announces when Tesla Cybertruck will receive Full Self-Driving technology

Elon Musk has revealed that the Tesla Cybertruck will receive the Full Self-Driving feature. Despite being on the market for six months, the all-electric pickup has yet to roll out Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite.

Musk has highlighted that major improvements will be made, with interventions expected to see a “5x to 10x improvement” from the current version. The release containing the Full Self-Driving feature will not be available for the Cybertruck; however, the next version, 12.5, is expected to include this feature.

Musk has announced that version 12.5 will be released in late June and will bring a significant improvement in miles per intervention, as well as a single stack design with no implicit stack on highways. Musk confirmed in a separate post that the Cybertruck will indeed receive Full Self-Driving with the 12.5 release, presenting an interesting challenge for Tesla.

This will be the first time the company navigates integrating this technology into a vehicle of this type. As Tesla may expand into other vehicle types in the future, it will be an important test for the company.

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