Tesla Cybertruck embarks on ‘Odyssey’ display tour at Mall of Berlin.

The Tesla Cybertruck has been showcased in Europe, particularly in Germany, in recent days. At the display event, people were seen gathering around the Cybertruck and taking photos of the displayed model.

The production of the Cybertruck is currently increasing at Tesla’s U.S. Gigafactory in Austin, Texas. The company anticipates that it will take between 12 and 18 months from the initial deliveries in November for the Cybertruck to reach full production volume.

In addition, Tesla has introduced new features for the Cybertruck, including diff locks, Baja Mode, CyberTent Mode, and more. It’s impressive to see the Cybertruck making its way into the European market and the excitement it has generated among people.

The gradual ramp-up of production in the U.S. suggests Tesla’s commitment to meeting the demand for this innovative vehicle.

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