SpaceX launches 23 Starlink satellites during significant solar storm.

SpaceX successfully launched 23 Starlink satellites to low Earth orbit from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. The launch occurred at 8:53 pm ET during a major solar storm, resulting in the unusual sight of Aurora as far south as the launch site.

Despite the storm, all satellites, including the 23 Starlink ones, weathered it perfectly. The satellites are now undergoing post-launch checkouts as they ascend to their operational orbit.

This launch involved the Starlink Group 6-58 batch, which was deployed into a 43-degree orbital inclination and landed on the A Shortfall of Gravitas droneship. B1073 has also launched various missions, including the CRS-27 ISS resupply mission and 10 Starlink missions.

The success of the recent launch highlights the robustness of the Starlink satellites, which are in proper orbits to de-orbit safely if affected and avoid becoming space junk. SpaceX’s next launch is another Starlink mission from California.

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