German officials express disapproval of protests against Tesla’s Giga Berlin facility.

German officials have expressed their disappointment at activists’ “days of action” against Tesla Giga Berlin-Brandenburg. Both Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck and the East Brandenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry shared their thoughts with German media. Minister Habeck noted that the protesters’ attempt to break into Tesla’s premises was unreasonable and crossed a legal boundary.

He also criticized the activists for targeting Tesla due to its production of electric cars. The East Brandenburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry expressed concern about the impact of the activists’ actions on the region’s economy. General manager Monique Zweig stated that the actions could damage the region’s prospects, particularly as Tesla’s settlement had been a source of hope for local young people.

Department head Robert Radzimanowski observed that many companies in East Brandenburg have a pessimistic outlook and a low willingness to invest in the area. The officials noted the contrast between public figures in the region and a group of masked protesters making threats. They expressed their confusion and concern about this situation.

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