Elon Musk of Tesla Considering Building Electric Vehicle Plant in Indonesia: Official

It appears that Indonesia is actively seeking investments from Elon Musk’s prominent companies. The CEO recently visited Indonesia for the official launch of Starlink, and during the visit, coordinating minister of investment Luhut Pandjaitan mentioned that Musk is considering establishing a potential electric vehicle plant in the country. Following their attendance at the World Water Forum, Musk met with Indonesian President Joko Widodo in Bali, where officials proposed the idea of a Tesla facility and Musk responded positively to it.

During the meeting, Pandjaitan also indicated that Indonesian officials proposed the establishment of an EV battery plant and an AI center in Indonesia, to which Musk expressed willingness to consider. Additionally, President Jokowi pitched the idea of a SpaceX launchpad on Biak island, located in Papua province. The official launch of Starlink satellite internet service in Indonesia indicates the country’s strategic push towards enhancing connectivity in remote and underdeveloped regions.

Indonesian authorities have been pursuing investments from Musk’s companies for years. The focus on Indonesia’s rich nickel deposits, a pivotal resource for battery production, was a significant topic of discussion during the meeting. Musk expressed optimism about potential partnerships, acknowledging Indonesia’s abundant potential and indicating room for collaboration in various areas.

Overall, Indonesia is actively seeking investments from Elon Musk’s companies and appears to be making significant strides in attracting potential ventures and collaborations.

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