Xiaomi co-founder becomes a believer in Tesla FSD after test ride.

Lin shared his thoughts about Tesla’s advanced driver-assist suite after experiencing FSD (Supervised) V12 in a test ride. Following Lin’s thoughts about FSD (Supervised) V12 after his test ride, he expressed that he was very impressed with the experience.

He described driving through different scenarios, including the highway, city streets, and parking lots, covering 10 kilometers in more than ten minutes without high-precision maps or LIDAR, solely relying on pure visual modeling. The Xiaomi executive, Lin Bin, who is the co-founder and vice chairman of Xiaomi, further emphasized the potential impact of products like Tesla’s FSD in ushering in the era of smart cars.

He personally experienced FSD during a test drive in America and shared his positive feedback on social media, welcoming the technology to enter the Chinese market. He stressed the importance of introducing advanced technologies to provide better experiences for customers and to contribute to the healthy development of the market in China, aligning with the country’s promotion of openness and new quality productivity.

Additionally, the Xpeng CEO also expressed support for advanced driver-assist technologies like Tesla’s FSD, noting that these technologies represent new quality productivity and should be encouraged to promote innovation and progress in the market. It’s worth mentioning that Tesla has also met data security and processing requirements in China, as outlined by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers.

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