Fisker warns of impending job cuts and facility closure within two months.

Fisker Inc. has reportedly warned its employees about potential layoffs and facility closure if the company is unable to secure its financial future within two months. An email obtained and confirmed by several employees stated that staff terminations could be effective starting June 28 and that the company’s facility will be closed. This move appears to be in compliance with the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, which requires companies with over 100 employees to provide 60 days’ notice before mass layoffs or plant closures. The email further mentioned the company’s efforts to preserve its future by pursuing all options to address operating cash requirements, including discussions with prospective buyers and investors, and exploring various restructuring alternatives.

While emphasizing the possibility that these efforts may not be successful, the email outlined the company’s obligation to provide conditional notice of termination on June 28, 2024. It assured employees that additional separation information, such as unemployment, COBRA benefits, and severance pay, will be provided if necessary. The email clarified that receiving conditional notice does not necessarily mean employees will be laid off and that the company is operating under challenging circumstances, striving for an outcome that facilitates new investment or other strategic solutions. The email concluded by expressing appreciation for employees’ dedication and support during this difficult time and provided a contact for any questions.

In summary, Fisker Inc. has informed its employees of the potential for layoffs and facility closure within two months if the company fails to secure its financial future. The email detailed the company’s efforts to address its operating cash requirements and emphasized that while conditional notice has been given, it does not guarantee layoffs will occur. Employees were encouraged to reach out with any questions.

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