Tesla’s domestic sales in China doubled in March 2024, according to CPCA.

In March 2024, Tesla’s domestic sales in China surged, with the company selling 62,398 vehicles, marking a 107.02% rise from the 30,141 units sold in February 2024. Data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA) revealed that Tesla managed to sell 89,064 Giga Shanghai-made vehicles in the same month. The details of Tesla China’s March sales were recently released by the CPCA, showing that the company exported 26,666 vehicles in March. Given that the wholesale figures for the month were 89,064 units, it is suggested that Tesla’s domestic sales in March 2024 reached 62,398 units.

This shows a significant month-over-month increase but a year-over-year decrease of 18.61% from the 76,663 vehicles sold domestically in March 2023. Additionally, while Tesla China exported fewer vehicles in March 2024 compared to February 2024, the exports represented a substantial increase of 118.47% from the prior year. The specific numbers of Model Y and Model 3 sold domestically in March have not been released. In March 2024, Tesla China held 8.8% of the country’s NEV sector and commanded 14.58% of China’s BEV sector.

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