Tesla to Introduce Impressive New Sentry Mode Feature

Tesla is introducing a new feature called Sentry Mode, which allows owners to watch video clips recorded by their car on their phone. It is a security feature that records instances and events near the car and has been available on Tesla vehicles for years.

However, many people are not aware of this capability and continue to commit crimes without realizing they are being recorded. Until now, the clips recorded by Sentry Mode could only be watched in the car or on a laptop or computer using a USB device.

However, Tesla is now working on enabling remote viewing of these clips. This capability is expected to be available soon on iOS, but there is no information on whether it will also be available on Android or other operating systems.

While the security feature is useful, it consumes a significant amount of battery power, leading to complaints about excessive battery drain. Tesla’s team is currently working to reduce the power consumption of Sentry Mode by approximately 40% in a software update planned for the current quarter.

In summary, Tesla will be rolling out both remote viewing of Sentry Mode clips and improvements to battery consumption in the near future.

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