Tesla Thailand introduces special interest rate program

Tesla Thailand has launched a special interest rate program for Model 3 and Model Y customers, offering rates starting at 2.49%. The limited program, which started today, includes a special interest rate, 1st class insurance, and a 4-year Tesla car maintenance package. Tesla has identified potential growth opportunities in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries. Rohan Patel, former Tesla Vice President of Public Policy and Business Development, highlighted Southeast Asia as a major area of growth for battery storage and electric vehicle adoption.

Reports have suggested that Tesla has been exploring potential business investments in several Southeast Asian countries, including Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. The Thai government has been implementing programs to make electric vehicles more appealing to local consumers, resulting in Thailand accounting for half of Southeast Asia’s EV sales. Talks between Tesla and the Thai government about a potential Gigafactory in the country have been ongoing, and recent hints from the Thailand Prime Minister’s office suggest that discussions are becoming more serious.

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