Tesla Semi pilot program grows to include Martin Brower

The Tesla Semi is currently undergoing a pilot program with a new client, and the initial results have been positive. The company expressed appreciation for the patience of Semi customers waiting for mass production. Priestley, a representative, emphasized that the demonstrations with the Tesla Semi have provided valuable feedback on how to create the best Class-8 truck and demonstrated how it can integrate into customers’ operations. Five drivers were specifically trained to operate the Tesla Semi due to its unique characteristics, such as a center driving position.

Initial feedback from these drivers has been positive, with one driver, Casey Kamp, praising the Semi for its precise maneuverability. Assistant Transportation Manager Megan Yamaguchi also expressed positive sentiments, stating that the experience with the Semi has been impressive, and the drivers had no trouble learning the systems and maximizing the features. It was noted that Tesla has been utilizing the Semi as part of its transport fleet over the years. Overall, the feedback from this pilot program has been encouraging and has provided insight into the potential for the Tesla Semi in the Class 8 truck market.

Keep an eye out for the Semi on the road, as it continues to gather feedback and make its mark in the industry.

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