Tesla Giga Berlin denies allegation of 3,000 job reductions.

Tesla Giga Biga Berlin has denied rumors that 3,000 jobs will be cut from the factory. The impact of Tesla’s job cuts on Giga Berlin is still uncertain, with local media outlets reporting the potential loss of 3,000 jobs. Earlier in the week, Tesla informed employees through email about the layoffs and stated that some roles in the sales team in China were no longer needed.

Tesla Berlin has stated that the rumor of 3,000 job cuts in Germany is baseless. Giga Berlin workers have not received any notifications about impending job cuts. Tesla expressed its commitment to examining the matter and addressing it in accordance with labor law and co-determination requirements, including with the works council.

Tesla has already submitted a declaration of intent to the works council and IG Metall. The Frankfurt (Oder) employment agency, which needs to be informed about layoffs like the works council, has not received any information about Tesla’s plans to cut jobs at Giga Berlin. Sources familiar with Tesla’s plans believe that the company will cut less than 10% of its 12,500 workers at Giga Berlin.

Brandenburg’s Economics Minister Steinbach has confirmed being in contact with Tesla and expects the loss of less than 3,000 jobs.

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