Tesla plans to establish a Supercharger site with over 200 stalls in Florida.

Tesla is in the process of planning a new Supercharger station in Florida, which is set to become the world’s largest with over 200 charging stalls. The initial plans show approximately 160 V3 charging stalls and 40 standalone stalls, including eight pull-through stalls for trailers.

Marco has indicated that the site is expected to be constructed in three phases, with the opening of stalls happening progressively. The construction project is being managed by GPD Group Inc. as mentioned in the document.

Additionally, the site may feature up to four Megapacks, based on the draft plans that show their placement near the electrical cabinets. The site plans are available for reference.

Overall, the development of this massive Supercharger station in Florida seems to be a significant step forward in expanding Tesla’s charging infrastructure. With its large capacity and modern amenities, it is likely to attract a lot of attention and usage once it is operational.

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