Tesla Maintains Cybertruck-Pulled Mobile Gallery in New York City

Tesla is running a “Mobile Gallery” event in New York this weekend, showcasing a Cybertruck towing a Model Y in a glass case as part of its advertising efforts. The display has been touring popular locations in New York City, such as the Lincoln Center, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Times Square.

The company has been sharing photos, videos, and updates on social media to inform the public about the display’s schedule. The event is set to run from Friday to Sunday, with the final day kicking off in Brooklyn.

Tesla’s executives have been actively engaging with product owners, fans, shareholders, and others on social media as part of their increased focus on advertising efforts. The company’s latest advertising shift emphasizes the American-made nature of its vehicles, particularly highlighting the Cybertruck and Model Y.

This approach reflects Tesla’s strategic efforts to connect with its audience through various marketing channels.

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