Stellantis-Leapmotor eSUV details unveiled in Chinese sales license.

Stellantis-Leapmotor C16 SUV details were recently leaked after the companies applied for a sales license with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT). The C16 SUV is set to be a mid-to-large SUV and will come with two powertrain options: a battery electric vehicle (BEV) and an extended-range electric vehicle (EREV). The upcoming SUV is expected to launch in China before entering the global market.

There are rumors that Leapmotor is planning to release the C16 in Poland and Malaysia. Last month, Stellantis obtained approval for its joint venture with Leapmotor from China’s National Development and Reform Commission (NDRC). As part of this alliance, the legacy automaker has invested €1.5 billion in Leapmotor, acquiring a 20% stake in the Chinese car maker.

Additionally, Stellantis has also been linked to Chinese auto company Dongfeng. Chinese electric vehicles have gained significant traction in the global market due to their competitive pricing. Some European automakers have expressed concerns about Chinese EV companies posing a challenge to local car makers on the continent.

It’s worth noting that even Stellantis is cautious about the presence of Chinese EVs in Europe.

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