Potential Strategy for Tesla’s FSD Global Rollout Outlined by Executives

Tesla is banking on its Full Self-Driving (FSD) feature as a key driver of its next growth phase. Unsurprisingly, analysts honed in on the advanced driver-assist system during the first quarter earnings call.

Elon Musk emphasized Tesla’s vision-based approach to autonomy, stating that FSD should function effectively in any market without the need for major modifications. He likened this to the way human drivers can competently operate a vehicle in any location where they understand the driving rules.

Musk further explained that although the ability to drive may improve in a driver’s home country, Tesla plans to enhance the car’s driving capabilities in other countries through specific training. Tesla’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Vaibhav Taneja expanded on Musk’s point, highlighting the differences in driving rules between countries like China and the United States.

Taneja noted, for example, that in China, crossing a solid line for a lane change results in hefty fines, whereas in the United States, it is merely a recommendation. Taneja emphasized that while there are certain adjustments needed for different markets, they are relatively minor and do not require a complete overhaul of the FSD system.

The focus lies on smaller adaptations to account for varied driving regulations.

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