Hyundai partners with Dutch infrastructure for real-time traffic data.

The Hyundai Motor Group has teamed up with the Dutch Government to provide real-time traffic and safety data to drivers. This collaboration involves Hyundai Motor Group’s AVP (Advanced Vehicle Platform) Division, Kia Connect GmbH, and Dutch infrastructure systems. Through this partnership, Hyundai and Kia drivers in the Netherlands can access critical traffic and safety information while on the road. This includes real-time traffic accident data, alerts about approaching ambulances, and other helpful details to ease traffic congestion.

President Chang Song of Hyundai Motor Group stated, “Hyundai Motor Group will enhance connectivity services and improve in-vehicle customer convenience through collaboration with the Netherlands. The shared data will help improve road safety, while the project will also support the global development of the Group’s smart mobility and connectivity services and features.” In addition, Hyundai Motor Group has formed alliances with various companies and entities to enhance its offerings. Recently, the company announced a strategic partnership with Japanese material manufacturer Toray Industries.

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