Hyundai and Baidu collaborate on car autonomy, AI, and more.

The collaboration between Hyundai and Baidu will focus on developing connectivity, self-driving software, and smart cloud computing technology. Additionally, the partnership will explore new business models to leverage artificial intelligence technologies within the automotive industry. Hyundai expressed their commitment to establishing an ecosystem for connected cars in the Chinese market through this strategic collaboration with Baidu. This focus on autonomy and artificial intelligence highlights their increasing importance for car manufacturers, as evidenced by Tesla’s recent earnings call.

The call revealed Tesla’s strong emphasis on autonomous software and AI development, with Elon Musk acknowledging Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood’s description of Tesla as an AI company. During the earnings call, there was discussion about Tesla’s competitors and the potential for Chinese automakers to replicate Tesla’s cheaper models, excluding unique features such as Robotaxi. Elon Musk emphasized the importance of recognizing Tesla as an AI or robotics company, rather than simply an auto company. He stressed that if someone does not believe Tesla will solve autonomy, they should not be an investor in the company.

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