Ford introduces program offering F-150 Lightning discount for Tesla owners.

Ford has introduced a new program called Tesla Competitive Conquest Bonus Cash. This program offers a discount on the F-150 Lightning to owners of the popular EV brand in the United States. Reportedly, existing Tesla owners can receive $1,500 off the price of a new F-150 Lightning through this program, regardless of the trim ordered. When combined with some of Ford’s existing incentives, the Tesla Competitive Conquest Bonus Cash can result in discounts of up to $14,000 on the purchase price.

Furthermore, as of yesterday, Ford has already discounted the 2024 versions of the F-150 Lightning, with adjustments reaching as high as $5,500. Additionally, Ford recently gained access to the Tesla Supercharger Network, enabling owners of Ford’s EVs to utilize the expansive charging network. Presently, Ford EVs require the NACS adapter, which is currently provided free of charge. However, in 2025, Ford plans to install the NACS inlet permanently in its electric vehicles, eliminating the need for the adapter.

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