Final Flight of the Delta IV Heavy

The Delta IV Heavy has made its final flight, successfully launching a classified payload for the National Reconnaissance Office. The launch occurred from Space Launch Complex 37B at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station. United Launch Alliance repaired a pump and rescheduled the launch with Space Launch Delta 45.

The Delta IV Heavy roared across the Space Coast and passed through Max Q. It shed its two common core side boosters and powered up the center core booster, which continued firing for over five minutes. Over six hours after liftoff, United Launch Alliance confirmed a successful mission, marking the end of the Delta family of rockets.

The Delta IV completed 16 missions, primarily carrying top-secret national security payloads. United Launch Alliance is now focusing on its new heavy-lift rocket, the Vulcan, which will be more cost-effective and maintain similar mission capabilities as the Delta IV Heavy. The fate of the launch site at Cape Canaveral remains uncertain.

The next ULA launch will be Boeing’s Starliner capsule Crewed Flight Test to the International Space Station, scheduled for no earlier than May 6th at 10:34 pm ET. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

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