Elon Musk refutes report of Tesla scrapping its affordable car

Elon Musk has refuted a recent report by Reuters which claims that Tesla has abandoned its plans for an affordable car priced at around $25,000. The report cited information from three individuals familiar with the matter, stating that Tesla had cancelled its low-cost EV program in favor of focusing on self-driving robotaxis. Musk responded immediately to the report, accusing Reuters of lying again on social media. The publication also claimed to have reviewed messages from a Tesla manager discussing the supposed cancellation of the affordable car.

It’s worth noting that Tesla is already preparing for its next-generation vehicles, including an affordable car and a dedicated robotaxi, both built on the same platform. While it’s uncertain whether Tesla has indeed halted its plans for the affordable car, it is likely that the low-cost EV and the robotaxi share similarities, with the former having a steering wheel and pedals. Despite a potential shift in resources towards the robotaxi, this does not necessarily indicate the cancellation of the affordable car. Musk has been critical of Reuters’ reports on Tesla in the past, and the publication has also been scrutinizing the CEO and the electric vehicle maker.

As of now, Musk’s denial remains accurate.

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