Tesla Referral Program Ending: Key Information You Should Be Aware Of

Tesla’s Referral Program has ended, as the company announced earlier this month. Everything from a Home Charger to Supercharging Miles are available, so don’t fret if you did not get to spend them.

Tesla’s Referral program ended April 30th. Now you see “Redeem Awards” under the Tesla app and not “Refer and Earn”.

[@Tesla] also added the Universal Wall Connector for 12,000 referral credits! Credits are still able to be redeemed for rewards.

But those people should not worry. Tesla will launch a new, revised Referral Program “in a few months,” according to Elon Musk: No, just that new credits would not be earned until we launch a future referral program, which is a few months away — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) [April 20, 2024].

We cannot imagine it would be that much different than past ones, but perhaps Tesla wants to adjust the rewards and how the points can be acquired. Tesla recently adjusted the Referral Program, upping the stakes.

As the current version of the program has come to a close, this could have been a test run for these features.

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