Waymo driverless car attacked and set on fire in San Francisco

The shocking incident took place in the city’s Chinatown area and drew criticism from social media users. According to reports, a small traffic holdup with a Waymo vehicle in front of it resulted in a person jumping onto the hood of the car and breaking the windshield. Subsequently, chaos ensued as another person reportedly jumped onto the hood of the self-driving vehicle, prompting cheers from the crowd. The situation escalated further when fireworks were lit under and inside the car, causing it to catch fire.

The Waymo vehicle was intentionally set on fire in Chinatown, as confirmed by SF Fire. In the aftermath of the event, eyewitness Franky Francisco, who shared footage of the incident, described the scene as chaotic. He mentioned that the SFFD was already on the scene, hosing down the car with water and chemical extinguishers. The vehicle looked completely damaged, and no injuries were reported, as it was not transporting any riders.

Waymo stated that they were working closely with local safety officials to address the situation. The incident has sparked attention and condemnation, and footage of the event is available.

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