Tesla Model Y jumps curb as Supercharger is iced out, impacting charging process.

A Tesla Model Y owner had a frustrating experience at a Supercharger station. The owner arrived with only 11% battery left, and the next charger was 26 minutes away.

Expecting a quick charging session, the owner found all Supercharger stalls occupied by vehicles with internal combustion engines (ICE-ed out). The frustrated owner had to park over the curb to reach a Supercharger cable, a crude but effective solution.

Images of the incident were shared online, with some advocating for Tesla to find a way to inform drivers if Supercharger stalls are ICE-ed. Others suggested that Tesla should collaborate with law enforcement to prevent ICE-ing more assertively.

This is especially relevant as the Supercharger Network has been opened to all automakers that use the North American Charging Standard. The incident sparked varied reactions from the electric vehicle community.

Some proposed solutions, while others expressed frustration with the situation.

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