Tesla FSD beta version 12.2 is being implemented for employees.

The recent release of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta v12.2 is making waves in the automotive world. This version was observed on software version 2023.44.30.15, with reports indicating that it began rolling out on Friday. Interestingly, this rollout is targeted at Tesla employees and specific groups for the first time.

Insights from Teslascope and others suggest that the initial v12 release is likely to incorporate the “beta” label, with expectations that it will be removed later this year. The timing for this change is considered favorable with the current build. While not an immediate event, it is believed to occur sometime within the year.

In a biography of Elon Musk published in September, author Walter Isaacson delved into the development of FSD beta v12. This included highlighting the recent transition to a “neural network planner” approach to the software. These developments spark curiosity and raise questions about the future of autonomous driving technology and its implications for the industry.

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