Tesla China registra 10,600 inscripciones en la primera semana de febrero, un aumento del 22.6% interanual

Tesla China’s insurance registrations in the fifth week of 2023 totaled 8,643 units, marking a decrease of 17.19% compared to the previous week in January but a year-over-year increase of 22.6% from the fifth week of 2023. This suggests a positive trend for the electric vehicle maker’s sales in the country.

While specific sales figures are not disclosed, insights into Tesla China’s performance in the automotive market can be gleaned from new vehicle insurance registrations. Furthermore, the company’s results for January 2024 indicate an 8.17% improvement from the previous year, with 66,051 Giga Shanghai-produced vehicles sold.

It’s worth noting that these results encompass both domestic sales and exports. Detailed breakdowns of local sales, exports, and the distribution of Model Y crossovers and Model 3 sedans are still awaited from the CPCA.

In addition, promotions such as an RMB 8,000 cash discount for Model Y inventory units and reduced prices for paid paint options are being offered, indicating efforts to stimulate customer interest and drive sales. For more news tips, it invites contact.

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