Spotted: Apparent endurance test setup for Tesla Cybertruck at Giga Nevada

In a recent sighting at the Giga Nevada Semi facility, the Tesla Cybertruck was observed with a trailer loaded with concrete blocks, similar to those used in the past for the Tesla Semi. This has led to speculation among EV enthusiasts that Tesla may be conducting endurance testing for the Cybertruck. It is believed that the team responsible for the company’s Class 8 truck could be helping to tune the all-electric pickup for maximum range and endurance.

The Tesla Cybertruck currently has three variants: a Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) variant with an estimated 250 miles of range, a Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive (AWD) variant with an estimated range of 340 miles per charge, and the tri-motor Cyberbeast, listed with an estimated range of 320 miles per charge. With Tesla’s range extender, the AWD variant is expected to achieve a range of over 470 miles per charge, while the Cyberbeast is expected to achieve a range of more than 440 miles per charge with the range extender. This observation marks an interesting development for the Cybertruck, and it will be fascinating to see how Tesla’s testing and tuning efforts impact the vehicle’s performance and capabilities.

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