J.D. Power emphasizes the need for improvement in Level 2 EV chargers.

A recent survey by J.D. Power revealed that charging station outages and faults are significant pain points for 18% of consumers, with 71% of failed visits attributed to this issue.

The lack of available chargers for electric vehicle (EV) drivers is also becoming a growing concern. According to the study, 20% of failed charging attempts were due to a lack of available chargers.

Brent Gruber, executive director of J.D. Power’s EV practice, expressed alarm at the lack of EV charger availability, stating that it is not keeping pace with the adoption of electric cars.

The overall satisfaction among users of Level 2 chargers dropped by 28 points in Q4 2023 compared to Q4 2022, as reported by Automotive News. The Department of Energy data cited by J.D.

Power indicated a 13% increase in public Level 2 chargers last year. However, this growth was overshadowed by the 31% increase in DC fast-charger installations, as tracked in the same period.

Gruber highlighted the discrepancy between the growth of Level 2 chargers and DC fast-charger installations, underscoring the need for improvement in the former. He expressed concern that the focus on DC fast-charging investment may be neglecting the demand for Level 2 charging, which is still heavily utilized.

This explains the drop in satisfaction among consumers.

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