Ford EV Supervan outperforms Mercedes-Benz AMG, breaks three records at Mount Panorama.

The lap secured the quickest time in each of the closed-wheel vehicle, electric vehicle, and commercial vehicle categories, and is a new benchmark time from the Supervan 4.2. “The effort and expertise it took to reset the benchmark lap time for a closed-wheel vehicle around Mount Panorama cannot be understated,” Mark Rushbrook, Global Director, Ford Performance Motorsports, said. “Romain Dumas worked alongside our team to innovate, learn, adapt, and the result is a time that exceeded our own expectations. There is a reason why we chose to bring SuperVan 4.2 to Mount Panorama after Pikes Peak – there is nowhere quite like it in the world.”

Ford said in its announcement of the records that this is truly an opportunity for fans to see what EVs can do on a racetrack.

Many motorsports fans believe a large part of the experience is feeling the roar and sound of a loud, combustion engine. However, they might enjoy the unparalleled speed and performance of an EV. Sure, maybe the Electric Supervan lacks that loud, belly-tingling rumble, but it does not lack the speed. The Supervan bested an unrestricted Mercedes-Benz AMG car in the process of setting its records.

The Supervan 4.2 is not traditional by any means. It is double the height of a GT3 racecar and weighs almost 1800 kilograms. The next stop for Supervan 4.2 is Victoria, Australia, where it will be transported to the Ford Proving Ground there. It will also make appearances at the Adelaide Motorsport Festival and Rolex Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix.

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