Upgraded Model 3: Tesla introduces demo drives options

Typing in locations across California, Oregon, Washington, and Nevada will show the nearest place to test drive the new Model 3. However, typing in zip codes from other states like Utah and Colorado will result in a message stating that Model 3 demo drives are currently unavailable in that location. The message suggests adjusting the zip code or picking another model and searching again, and offers the option to leave contact information for follow-up.

It is unclear when Tesla will begin offering Model 3 test drives in other states, but with deliveries planned in the coming months, it is likely to happen soon. One site, in Walnut Creek, California, is already offering test drives for the new Model 3. A Tesla enthusiast named Levenson got the chance to do a walkaround of the vehicle there, and it was his first time driving it.

Levenson shares his impressions of the Model 3, noting that the suspension feels softer and the vehicle has tight, smooth steering. He expresses a hope for slightly stiffer, more agile suspension in the highly anticipated Performance version. He also mentions other design details, such as the thinner bezel of the touchscreen and the return of the physical honk button. He points out that the steering wheel shape offers a design reminiscent of the Performance model. Interestingly, he observes that there is no camera above the rearview mirror, with only a hole where it would typically be. He speculates that this could be because it is one of the earliest production models in North America.

There is a video available that covers the Model 3 refresh test drive, lasting 11 minutes. The article invites readers to share their thoughts on the test drive by contacting the author via email or through social media platforms. The article is published on the Teslarati website, with their logo displayed at the end of the article.

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