Rapid Progress for Tesla’s Los Angeles Supercharger, Including Diner and Drive-In

The photos provided depict the ongoing construction of a restaurant building. There is at least one construction worker visible in the pictures, suggesting that work is actively being done on the site. Some close-up shots of the building’s lower-level interior showcase multiple stairwells that lead up to the top level.

It is anticipated that the completed restaurant will have rooftop seating available for customers. This rooftop area will offer a unique dining experience as patrons can enjoy their meal while watching scenes from iconic movies. This entertainment will be provided on one of two large drive-in movie theater screens.

The photos can be viewed in their entirety below. They were shared through the account ShorealoneFilms on X. Additionally, Tesla has recently announced the winners for the Fall 2023 Supercharger location, while the Winter 2024 voting round has begun. Any thoughts or inquiries can be directed to [email protected], or contact Zachary Visconti on X at @zacharyvisconti. Tips can also be sent to [email protected].

[Image: Tesla logo]

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