Tesla Sweden Expands Operations to Support IF Metall’s Strike Fueling

IF Metall, a union in Sweden, has been taking actions to try to convince Tesla employees who are union members to join their cause. They have been calling and sending messages to these employees, explaining the significance of the strike and why they should join. However, some employees have reported feeling excluded after declining to join.

It is no secret that Tesla is trying to find ways to avoid being affected by the union’s strike. As a result, IF Metall is considering whether to issue a new notice, depending on how the situation develops.

The Painters’ Union, which consists of 13,000 members, has been on a sympathy strike with IF Metall. As part of this strike, they refuse to work on Tesla cars. It is important to note that not all painters in Sweden are members of this union.

In addition to the sympathy strike, IF Metall may also attempt to halt new Tesla Supercharger installations. Currently, the strike by electricians against Tesla only covers service, repairs, and fault rectifications, but not new installations. However, IF Metall and its supporters are actively exploring ways to expand the sympathy strike to also include new Supercharger installations.

If anyone has any information or tips regarding these actions, they can contact Maria at [email protected] or through X [*contact information not provided*].

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