Tesla Models S and X paint options now come at an additional cost

The recent decision to make premium paint options free of charge has been well received by customers purchasing the Model X Long Range, which starts at $79,990. This means that even options like Ultra Red paint can be acquired at no additional cost. This is particularly beneficial for customers as they can still qualify for the IRA’s $7,500 federal point of sale incentive when choosing the Ultra Red paint option.

However, there are additional paint options available for an extra cost. Pearl White Multi-Coat, Deep Blue Metallic, and Solid Black are priced at $1,500, while Ultra Red now costs $2,500. If customers decide to change the paint color or select other options for the Model X Long Range, the price of the all-electric SUV would exceed the $80,000 threshold for the federal point of sale credit.

It is worth noting that the Model S and Model X Plaid variants have not been available in Right Hand Drive (RHD) countries since they were introduced. This update has also been reported in other locations such as Hong Kong and Singapore.

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