Peplink becomes Starlink’s inaugural technology partner

Peplink offers a comprehensive SD-WAN solution to customers that includes edge routers capable of connecting multiple fixed or cellular WAN links at the same time. They have partnered with authorized solution providers to provide technological support for Starlink connections. Both Peplink and Starlink share a common goal of delivering “unbreakable connectivity, anytime, anywhere.”

Peplink aims to offer value-added networking products and services worldwide through their authorized solution providers in collaboration with Starlink. They have developed patented hardware and software solutions that ensure uninterrupted connectivity in various scenarios, including point of sale systems, remote offices, mobile broadcasters, emergency response teams, and global sailing vessels. Their combined solution provides businesses with affordable, fast, and reliable Internet bandwidth globally.

Starlink, on the other hand, provides internet connection on land, sea, and air. They are excited to work with authorized technology providers, like Peplink, to address complex customer connectivity issues and expand access to high-speed Internet for businesses and mobile users across the globe. Their partnership with Peplink has been particularly successful in the cruise ship industry, where Peplink technology has enabled Starlink to achieve over 1 Gbps capacity on cruise ships, delivering stable and seamless internet connectivity to passengers.

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