Stellantis shows commitment by investing in cost-effective sodium-ion battery technology

Stellantis Ventures is the corporate venture fund of a legacy automaker. In 2023, they recognized Tiamat as one of the top-performing technology startups and awarded them the Stellantis Ventures Award. Tiamat is a French company known for being the first to commercialize sodium-ion technology in an electrified product. This technology is free of lithium and cobalt, making it a more cost-effective energy storage solution. Sodium is also widely available globally.

The legacy automaker is exploring different battery technologies as it transitions to electric vehicle sales. They believe that sodium-ion technology has the potential to be a promising and affordable option for energy storage, surpassing lithium-ion batteries. This aligns with their goals of developing more sustainable and affordable batteries that use readily available raw materials. They are dedicated to reaching carbon net zero by 2038 as part of their Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan.

Ned Curie, the Chief Engineering and Technology Officer at Stellantis, emphasized the importance of meeting customer demands for emissions-free vehicles with robust driving range, performance, and affordability. This is their guiding principle as they and their partners work to develop groundbreaking technologies for the future.

Stellantis aims to secure 400 GWh of battery capacity to achieve their sales targets for 2030. They have set a goal of reaching a 100% sales mix of passenger battery electric vehicles (BEV) in Europe and a 50% sales mix of passenger and light-duty truck BEVs in the United States by the end of the decade.

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