Commencement of Winter 2024 voting round for Tesla Supercharger recipients, Fall 2023 winners announced

The team has announced the next voting round for winter 2024. Additionally, Tesla has announced some bonus global sites, including two in the United States. The new Supercharger locations in Canada are Montebello and Baie-Comeau in Quebec, St. John’s in Newfoundland and Labrador (NL), Renfrew in Ontario, and Aulds Cove in Nova Scotia.

Not only that, but the Tesla charging team has also announced new charging locations in Europe, Asia, and Australia. The usual rules for voting apply, with participants being able to cast a total of 5 votes for any proposed Supercharger sites, with one vote per location. They are also welcome to suggest a location for the next voting cycle.

If anyone has any tips, they can contact Maria at [email protected] or via X.

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