State officials emphasize worker autonomy in Tesla Giga Berlin labor dispute

Local officials in Brandenburg, Germany believe that a collective labor agreement between workers and Tesla would be beneficial for both parties. They emphasize that the decision ultimately rests with the workers. The Brandenburg Ministry of Economy, Labor and Energy states that social partnership between workers and unions contributes to economic growth and a well-developed welfare state. It is up to individual workers to decide whether to join a union, and this decision plays a role in determining the strength of the union within a company. Workers also have the right to elect a works council. The leader of the works council at Giga Berlin has expressed opposition to a collective labor agreement, citing concerns about loss of agility. Andre Thierig, senior director of manufacturing at Tesla’s Giga Berlin, states that the company is focused on finding solutions for employees quickly and efficiently. Tesla and IG Metall have not responded to requests for comment on the labor efforts. IG Metall has encouraged unions around the world to target Tesla, but the importance of individual workers’ autonomy has been highlighted. Some workers have reported feeling harassed by the union but continue to support Tesla due to their love for the environment and their job.

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