Bullish Perspective: Analyzing Elon Musk’s Drive to Expand Tesla’s Control

Musk’s actions and statements have garnered attention and provoked various opinions. Bulls appreciate his influence and presence, believing that he should remain in control to keep Tesla at the forefront of electric vehicles (EVs). Bears, however, argue that Musk’s desire to control Tesla may be a result of his decision to sell billions in stock and his strong-arming of the Board. While there are risks involved, keeping all AI initiatives within Tesla is crucial for the company’s success. Many people mistakenly view Tesla as just an automaker, not realizing its involvement in the energy sector, Full Self-Driving efforts, and other projects that make it more of a tech company. Musk expresses discomfort in leading Tesla’s AI and robotics ventures without having significant voting control. If he is unable to attain influential control, he prefers to develop products outside of Tesla. Taking AI projects outside of Tesla would have damaging effects on the stock, the company, and investors who have patiently awaited progress. The Board will have to decide whether Musk’s involvement is necessary to achieve their AI goals. Many Tesla investors believe that without Musk, the company would not be in an optimal position. It is expected that Musk and the Board will resolve this issue over the next few months and keep all AI initiatives within Tesla. However, the back and forth between Musk and the Board is considered less than ideal for the investment community and may lead some to sell shares. Tesla’s stock is currently up under 1 percent. Despite the ongoing issue, the firm maintains an ‘Outperform’ rating and a $350 price target.

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